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Allow negative Withdrawal Transactions (Refunds) in Credit Card

Under current parameters Withdrawal transactions cannot be negative and a Debit entry must be used. This makes makes Refunds to a specific Expense account impossible and you have to put a Refund into some other Income account.

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  • Mar 31 2022
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    Erica Thorson commented
    28 Feb 08:53pm

    In order to enter a refund, you will need to set the transaction type to Deposit. You will then be able to enter an Expense line with a negative value and save the transaction. This will remove the charge from the credit card and decrease your expense account balance. If you need assistance with this entry, please contact our customer care centre and they will be happy to help!

  • Guest commented
    3 Feb, 2023 12:06pm

    Agreed! It messes with the income side of things as a negative expense is not income... additionally it also skews my HST return as I did not collect the HST that I am "returning" with the good

  • Guest commented
    4 Apr, 2022 11:01am

    Yeah this is very frustrating. Please fix asap.