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Solution to "Required Supplier" to enter transactions

The desktop version, I used to leave the "Supplier" entry blank as alot of the entries I put in don't require a supplier. I have an operating line, its treated like a loan though instead of an account that I frequently draw from. I can't do a Bank Transfer to a "Loan". Instead I have create yet ANOTHER supplier in my mile long list for just "Operating Loan" and enter it as a withdrawal. The mandatory "Supplier" feature is really frustrating to the point that I almost want to switch back to the desktop version. I want to be able to leave it blank and when I view my transactions I want the descriptions listed on both the entry view as well as the reports as these have more emphasis then the "Supplier".

Also every time I have a personal withdrawal I don't care to mess with the suppliers at all because its a PERSONAL transaction and details aren't required. Super frustrated.

Please Remove Suppliers as mandatory just to enter a simple transaction.

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  • Apr 12 2024
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