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Improve the add a new account in the chart of accounts workflow

I helped a client customize their chart of accounts in AgExpert Accounting the other day and we both found the process a bit frustrating.  At the moment the only way you can add a new account is by clicking add an X account in the respective header, which means that every time you want to see if an account # is available before you add it you need to scroll down, and then back up to click add. 

I thought of a few ideas that could help solve this issue and increase the workflow efficiency and overall user experience: 

-Add a "to top of page" button.

-Add a "to top of section"  button. 

-Add a floating "add account" button so that no matter where you scroll it will always be right there. This is what I would like to see because it would instantly resolve the problem. 

-When adding a new account, under Account Number, show a pre-populated list of the available accounts instead.

-Allow the user to scroll through the chart of accounts while the add new account window on the right remains open, so they can quickly scroll and see what is available and not have to close and re-open the add account window every time. 


Thank you! 

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  • Nov 27 2019
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